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The Curiosities

The Curiosities

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The Curiosities

Author: Zana Fraillon
Illustrator: Phil Lesnie
Narrator: Abby Pasion


With the Curiosities, a whole world of wonder awaits… One morning, at dawn, the Curiosities choose Miro to nest on. At first, he doesn’t notice. They blend in, perching on his shoulder and nuzzling into his hair. Over time, Miro discovers that he sees and feels things differently than everyone else around him. The Curiosities show Miro an extraordinary world. He weaves clouds to make stories for the wind, and marvels at the wonders waiting in the shadows where no one else looks. Sometimes, though, the Curiosities make Miro feel lost and alone: they shriek and roar, and are so bright and overwhelming that he feels invisible. But perhaps Miro isn’t as alone as he thinks... and maybe the Curiosities have chosen other people as well. This gentle, heart-touching story from award-winning children’s book author Zana Fraillon is a nuanced portrait of emotions, self-expression, and empathy. Complete with Phil Lesnie’s gorgeous art that draws on legends from his Filipino heritage, The Curiosities celebrates the varied perspectives that come with being neurodivergent and contains the triumphant reminder that those who see and experience the world differently have always been here.

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885190244
  • Publisher Greystone Books
  • Publication Date 2022-06-07
  • Language English Language
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range 5-9
  • Grade Level K-4
  • Awards Award-winner, Starred Review
  • Recording Length 00:12:10
  • Audio Book Publisher VOX Publishing

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