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Cool Green: Amazing, Remarkable Trees

Cool Green: Amazing, Remarkable Trees

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Cool Green: Amazing, Remarkable Trees

Author: Lulu Delacre
Narrator: Alberto Santillan


Why am I in awe of trees? Trees are astounding! Let me share with you, mi niña, some of the reasons why.

As he works with his young granddaughter to nurture a potted sapling, a Latino landscaper shares his love and admiration of trees. From the extraordinary rainbow gum tree to the mighty, towering redwood, each of the thirteen specimens he tells of is a miracle of the natural world—and some are strange beyond the wildest imagining. Brimming with exuberance and color, this ode to trees of the world—and the vast knowledge of landscapers and gardeners—offers a feast for the eyes, with author-illustrator Lulu Delacre paying touching tribute by imbedding seeds, fronds, and leaves within her art. Complete with an author’s note, glossary, and further information on the featured trees, Cool Green will have readers eager to turn the pages to discover each new reminder of what a precious place our earth is. A portrait of some of the world’s most incredible trees, seen through the eyes of a landscaper who loves them—and his granddaughter who is beginning to understand why.

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885192965
  • Publisher Candlewick Press
  • Publication Date 2023-03-28
  • Language English Language
  • Genre Non-fiction
  • Age Range 4-8
  • Grade Level P-3
  • Recording Length 00:07:17
  • Audio Book Publisher VOX Publishing

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