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The Magic Candy Ball: A Shy Little Girl’s Adventure

The Magic Candy Ball: A Shy Little Girl’s Adventure

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The Magic Candy Ball: A Shy Little Girl’s Adventure

Authors: Author: Ye Shuixin &
Narrator: Yajuan Lu


Yuanyuan is a very shy little girl. She always speaks in a soft voice. One day, an old man who specializes in sugar figure blowing appears on the street. The sugar figures that he blows are so vivid that the children love to gather around him. Yuanyuan, however, is too shy to go. It isn’t until all the children go home that Yuanyuan dares to step forward and asks the old man to blow a little candy man. The old man agrees and blows a sugar ball for Yuanyuan, something magical happens ... The sugar ball becomes bigger and bigger, and it wraps around Yuanyuan, taking her flying higher and higher. Along the way, Yuanyuan encounters the exhausted birds, the hungry ants, and the cat who wants to go home but can’t swim. What happens between the shy Yuanyuan and the little animals? Where will the magic candy ball take Yuanyuan?

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885194501
  • Publisher Shanghai Press
  • Imprint
  • Publication Date 2023-10-10
  • Language Mandarin Chinese - English Bilingual
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range4-8
  • Grade LevelP-3
  • Lexile Level
  • ATOS Level
  • Awards None
  • Recording Length00:13:17
  • Audio Book PublisherVOX Publishing

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