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The Long-Haired Girl

The Long-Haired Girl

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The Long-Haired Girl

Authors: Author: Mengmin Chen &
Illustrator: Nasi Chiara
Narrator: Joy Yao


A long time ago, in a village nestled beneath a mountain, there lived a beautiful girl with long shiny black hair whom the villagers called “Long Hair.” One year, there was a severe drought in the mountain. All lives were dying from thirst. Meanwhile, the mother of Long Hair became seriously ill because she could not get drinking water. Like everyone else in the village, Long Hair climbed over the steep mountain to get water from a very small lake far away. One day on her way, she found a spring where clean and sweet water kept running. However, it turned out that this spring was controlled by the mountain monster, who threatened Long Hair not to reveal the secret to any villagers or else she would be punished. What will the girl do? Will the village get the water again? Let the imaginative paintbrush embark us on a magical journey with Long Hair. You will discover the warmest heart in the intricate story of this Chinese classical folklore.

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885192163
  • Publisher Shanghai Press
  • Imprint
  • Publication Date 2022-11-20
  • Language Mandarin Chinese - English Bilingual
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range3-5
  • Grade LevelP-K
  • Lexile Level
  • ATOS Level
  • Awards None
  • Recording Length00:15:22
  • Audio Book PublisherVOX Publishing

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