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The International House of Dereliction

The International House of Dereliction

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The International House of Dereliction

Authors: Author: Jacqueline Davies &
Narrator: Suzanne Toren


Home is where the heart is. But can a house have a beating heart of its own?

Ten-year-old Alice is moving for the eleventh time.

She’s lived in so many houses, each more broken than the last, that home to Alice is nothing more than a place you fix and then a place you leave. After all, who needs a permanent home when you’re a whiz at fixing things?

But when Alice arrives at her new home, she can’t take her eyes off the house next door, the stately dark house that hulked in the dimming light. The once-grand mansion, now dilapidated and condemned, beckons Alice; it’s the perfect new repair job!

As Alice begins to restore the House to its former splendor, she senses strange presences. Is there a heartbeat coming from the House’s walls? Is someone looking at her? Soon she realizes she’s not alone. Three ghosts have been watching, and they need Alice’s help to solve their unfinished business.

Will Alice be able to unravel the mysteries of the House and find her forever home . . . before it’s too late?

*Book cover design differs from image shown.

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885193498
  • Publisher HarperCollins
  • Imprint Clarion Books
  • Publication Date 2023-07-18
  • Language English Language
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range8-12
  • Grade Level4-8
  • Lexile Level
  • ATOS Level 5.6
  • Awards None
  • Recording Length06:56:00
  • Audio Book PublisherHarperAudio

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