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The Bird Queen: A Legend of the Mythical Phoenix

The Bird Queen: A Legend of the Mythical Phoenix

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The Bird Queen: A Legend of the Mythical Phoenix

Authors: Author: Fu Yu &
Narrator: Yajuan Lu


A long time ago, hundreds of birds lived on the Cangwu Mountain where they experienced four distinct seasons. Among them, there is a very unnoticeable brown bird called Phoenix. All birds except Phoenix fly to the largest lake in the mountain every day. They comb their feathers by the lake and compete to see whose feathers are more beautiful. Phoenix doesn't like to attend such gatherings; instead, she collects food quietly to get ready for the winter. However, all the other birds make fun of her hard work. Unexpectedly, the coldest winter comes earlier than usual. Those birds who only care about their looks have to go out to find their food in the cold wind and heavy snow. They are almost starving to death due to the sudden shortage of food, but the kind Phoenix does not hesitate to share her food with her friends to tide over the difficulties. The cold winter is finally over, and spring has come. To thank Phoenix for saving their lives, the birds have prepared a mysterious gift for her. What is the gift then? Read the story and find out how the ordinary brown bird has transformed herself into the Queen of birds in Chinese myths.

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885192187
  • Publisher Shanghai Press
  • Imprint
  • Publication Date 2023-04-20
  • Language Mandarin Chinese - English Bilingual
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range5-7
  • Grade LevelK-3
  • Lexile Level
  • ATOS Level
  • Awards None
  • Recording Length00:11:19
  • Audio Book PublisherVOX Publishing

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