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Shy Willow

Shy Willow

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Shy Willow

Author: Cat Min
Narrator: Eden Lee


Willow is shy. VERY shy.

Her home is in an abandoned mailbox, and she'd rather stay put. Outside kids scream and soccer balls collide, trees look like monsters, and rain is noisy in a scary kind of way. It's much nicer to stay inside, drawing. But then a young boy drops a letter in Willow's mailbox: it's a note to the moon asking for a special favor. Willow knows that if she doesn't brave the world outside, the letter will never be delivered, and the boy will be heartbroken. Should she try? Can she? Cat Min delivers a breathtakingly illustrated story about shyness, the power of empathy, and what it means to make a friend.

*Book cover design differs from image shown.

Product Details

  • ISBN 9798885192835
  • Publisher Levine Querido
  • Publication Date 2021-02-16
  • Language English Language
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range 4-8
  • Grade Level K-3
  • Awards Starred Review
  • Recording Length 00:07:19
  • Audio Book Publisher VOX Publishing

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