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Agua, Agüita/Water, Little Water

Agua, Agüita/Water, Little Water

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Agua, Agüita/Water, Little Water

Authors: Author: Jorge Tetl Argueta &
Illustrator: Felipe Ugalde Alcántara
Narrator: Maria Liatis


“My name / is Water / but everyone / calls me Little Water.” In this beautiful, poetic ode to the life-giving force of water, award-winning children’s book author Jorge Argueta describes—in English, Spanish and Nahuat—the life cycle of water from the perspective of one drop.

From its birth deep in Mother Earth, Little Water climbs to the surface, passing through roots and rocks, light and darkness. Finally, the tiny bead of water makes it to the top and rests, “a sigh of morning dew,” hanging on “the tips of leaves / on spider webs / or on the petals / of flowers.” The droplet becomes a river, a lake, an ocean, ultimately climbing to the sky and turning into a cloud. Then, “drop by drop / I return singing / to our Mother Earth. I am Little Water. / I am life.”

Product Details

  • ISBN 9781954635371
  • Publisher Arte Público Press
  • Imprint Piñata Books for Children
  • Publication Date 2017-10-31
  • Language Spanish - English Bilingual
  • Genre Fiction
  • Age Range4-7
  • Grade LevelP-2
  • Lexile Level 470L
  • ATOS Level 1.9 English 1.6 Spanish
  • Awards Starred Review
  • Recording Length00:06:28
  • Audio Book PublisherVOX Publishing

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