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Anteaters  Blastoff! Readers: Animal Safari

Anteaters Blastoff! Readers: Animal Safari

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Anteaters Blastoff! Readers: Animal Safari

Authors: Author: Megan Borgert-Spaniol &


Ants, ants, and more ants are on the menu for these long-snouted insectivores. Just how many ants can an anteater eat? Up to 30,000 in one day! Learn where anteaters live, how they hunt, and how their long, sticky tongues help them slurp up ants!

Product Details

  • ISBN 9780996438568
  • Publisher Bellwether Media Media
  • Imprint Blastoff! Readers
  • Publication Date 1/1/12
  • Language English Language
  • Genre Non-fiction
  • Lexile Level 440L
  • ATOS Level 1.8
  • Awards None

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